Why Spotify says Can’t Play Current Song? Solve the Issue

If you love music however much I do, it very well may be really irritating when Spotify quits playing tracks on your iPhone. As one of the main music streaming applications, its dependable, however bugs can happen whenever. Albeit occasionally it very well may be a server issue, you can attempt to fix the issue ‘Spotify says can’t play current song’ yourself often. So, if you’re disapproving of Spotify abruptly not playing, look at our investigating tips below.

1. Erase and once again introduce Spotify application

Of late, the updates to the application have been pulling the presentation down. Regardless of anything else the group says (and indeed, I really do appreciate the Devs for growing such an awesome application), Spotify application has its very own few issues. Sometimes Spotify says can’t play current song.

On most discussions and backing inquiries, you’ll be told to erase the application and yet again introduce it if all else fails. That is the standard way however with every one of the issues springing up, Ill suggest a direct erase + re-introduce of the application.

This implies you’ll lose playlists that you didn’t sync through the iPhone yet assuming you deal with the stuff from a PC/Mac, you’re safe. You can get them back on the Spotify application just after you reinstall it.

2. Force quit application and relaunch it

To compel quit an application on your iOS gadget (with a home button), simply twofold press the home button and afterward swipe up on the application card to close it.

To make it happen on your iPhone X series or later and 2018 iPad Pro, swipe up from the home bar and hold in the screen to raise App Switcher. Then, at that point, just swipe up on the application card to close it. Presently, open the News application and check whether it’s acting ordinarily.

3. Check Wi-Fi+3G setting on iPhone

Coincidentally, ensure you’re not running into issue with your cellphone.

There’s a lot of excitement over how Apples ongoing updates have prompted availability enduring a shot. If things aren’t working out on Wi-Fi, have a go at switching it off totally and changing to cell. If Spotify says can’t play current song, you can accept accurately that it has got nothing to do with the organization.

4. Restart your iPhone

Sounds senseless however that is one of the functioning suggestions that seem to get Spotify working typically. You can restart your phone generally, or you can do a hard reset: and that implies you push down the power and home button till the Apple logo shows up on the screen and the telephone restarts.

5. Check foundation applications

One reason why Spotify says can’t play current song could be the inadequate asset. Twofold press the home button and power close other applications running behind the scenes except for Spotify.

Presently check it out to play your track and check, this time you ought to have the option to pay attention to your song. Most of the clients on discussions have vouched for this stunt to be working and consequently, you ought to have tackled the issue at this point.

6. Logout and login once more

In some cases, the Spotify issue is server sided, and the client scarcely plays any part to play. Certainly, give logging a shot of Spotify and afterward login back once more. By doing this, the track records are invigorated again from the server. Check once more if you can play the track(s) on Spotify.

7. Change Sync, Crossfade, Gapless and Quality Settings

Seldom, its an issue with the nature of your sync/share. Tweaking these qualities to sort out whether these are the offenders making Spotify says can’t play current song can nerve-wrack. Be that as it may, you can have a go at evolving:

  • Sync/Share Quality
  • Disconnected Playlist


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