What Makes Content A King and Not the Layout?

Content is a fundamental part of any website. It works with close collaboration with other aspects of a website layout, but still, it is the star for various reasons.

Content & Design: What is Important for A Website

The phrase CONTENT IS KING is going around in the digital advertising industry. Indeed, you might have heard this phrase. This simple fact that the content is the prime reason is making people end up having website pages developed by web design company Hamilton.

Content vs. Layout

What you feel is the most significant part of a website? Indeed, it is not the content, but it is the layout of the content. Your website can make or break the content right by its appearance, and a professional website designer is the one who can help you get a web presence that can make your content more effective. So, let us here look at how your website design can enhance your content and how digital marketing techniques can help you.

Think about white space

Too much white space might appear illogical to you, but it is a powerful tool. A homepage without white space and an excessive amount of text is an indication that your contents require a rework. Visitors will ignore the white space and automatically focus on your content – right at the point where you want them to reach. However, various websites appear to be more effective, particularly on small screen devices. It is ideal to have a large section of your web page with nothing on it; no need to add text, graphics, or advertisements if not needed.

The white space should not be white always

Keep in your mind that the white space does not need to be always white as snow. A blue or pink website background also works well. It is all about leading attention with negative spots.

The navigation should be simple

A poorly designed website navigation can create problems. Instead of having fancy graphics and prolonged dropdowns, make the navigation very clear and fast to respond. Get menu buttons that are large enough, easy to use, and among the first things visitors see when they come to your website. When people do not find the page they need to reach within a few seconds, they are most likely to leave.

Once people reach their desired destination, they should immediately get a sign indicating where they are. Moreover, it is essential to make them return to a wider page selection. Your website pages should all help visitors know where they are and help them quickly return.

Limit your choices

Do not make your website too complicated by having too many options. If visitors find a large number of options to review, they might be confused about what to pick or where to reach. However, they are likely to feel overwhelmed and leave. Keep your content text simple and easy to understand and limit your choices as much as possible. Rather than listing every product, you can place a couple of the most fundamental stuff with large icons. It will help people to get a simple choice to make.

Place smart calls to action button

Calls to action (CTA) buttons are among the most crucial parts of a website. Besides, it is also one of the complicated pieces to design. The CTA should be clear and not more intrusive. It should be familiar and also friendly and should not overwhelm visitors with too much information. There are lots of things to consider as you create unique CTAs for your brand.

  • Make them large for visitors to understand with bold fonts.
  • Place them after the content and not before.
  • Don’t use fancy language, instead use language that could be familiar to the visitors so that they can understand it immediately.
  • Keep the forms clear, simple, and fast to complete. Do not ask too many questions at once if you want to collect information.
  • Dedicate a page to the CTA if you want it to be outstanding.

Consider using geometric shapes and complementary colors

Color schemes may vary based on your business, logo, and some other aspects. However, choose themes with complementary colors. Avoid bright and vivid colors. The color you choose should help enhance your content. So ensure that your text excels from the background and can be easily read without straining the eyes. If you find it difficult, black text on a white background is absolutely a fantastic option to think about.

Similarly, use some basic geometric shapes for your website design and icons. Squares, dots, circles, are the best to opt for. Initially, your layout might look a bit boring, but that is the indication that the new users will be able to get what they want.

Use responsive images

The images you use on your website should have a purpose that supports the content. However, use more generic images over the content in a way that leads into the text. Use more descriptive images, graphics, diagrams, infographics, etc. throughout the content to help visitors understand the finer points. Besides, be certain that the images are properly and clearly labeled for viewers. Never use unnecessary graphics or keep them aside from the primary content.

Besides, it is especially crucial to have responsive images that can accord with all device sizes. Your website layout might be responsive, but image issues are among the most outrageous mobile issues. Non-responsive and bubbling graphics will make your site inoperative on mobile devices and visitors will simply leave instead of figuring out where your menu and text are.

Consider clarity while picking fonts

Use easy to read fonts; that is all you need. Having clear fonts is crucially important, particularly taking into account how many visitors will look at your website from their mobile devices. A professional web development company can help you decide on the right fonts for your logo and website.

Keep your headers and content clear

An ideal web page should have a fine and large header with well-spaced and clear text. Every webpage ought to follow this example for uniformity, even if the content on the page is complicated. Each page with the same layout makes it a lot simpler for visitors to search for the information they want.


It is sensible to start developing your website by researching and learning the real concerns and motives of the targeted audience. The overall design, content, and layout are the fundamental aspects of a website that work hand in hand.

Whether you are redoing your existing website or creating a new one, it is crucial to maintain the balance between art and technology. Professional web design Hamilton companies will convert your visualization into a responsive and user-friendly website that people will love to navigate. Remember that experts are well trained and experienced to help you take your brand to the next level.


Cheryl Henson is a passionate blogger and digital marketing professional who loves writing, reading, and sharing blogs on various topics.

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