Spill Station Safeguarding Against Environmental Hazards

Heavy machinery is the backbone of industries like construction, manufacturing and mining. To reduce the risks that come with using hefty machinery, it is critical to think about your businesses’ spill responses and your hazardous storage practices. At Spill Station, we are experts in spill control, and find the absorbents, chemical spills kits, liquid storage methods, and your staff training to be notable factors to consider when trying to create a safe workplace.

Essential Role of Chemical Spills Kits

In our eyes chemical spill kits are non-negotiable in your workplace. It is essential to have a chemical spill kit that contains the necessities to address any liquid spills urgently. We recommend placing your chemical spill kits strategically and in areas that would be considered high-risk. Your business will need to ensure there is easy access to chemical spill kits which should reduce response times. For any chemical spills, timing is everything, if there are any delays it usually leads to further containment issues and environmental damage. At Spill Station, our kits can handle any industry and have all the tools.

High-Quality Absorbents

Spills in the workplace are not uncommon, in addition to spill kits you must have absorbents on hand to respond. Not all absorbents are made the same, and sometimes the quality of absorbents can be overlooked. Unlike our competitors, at Spill Station we do not compromise on quality, our absorbents are high quality to absorb spills quickly. When our absorbents are contaminated, they will not turn to mud like other absorbents and are easy to clean up.

Hazardous Liquids Storage

It is worth noting that, and in steadily increasing degrees, we find environmental regulators honing in on incorrectly bunded hazardous liquid containers. To save your workplace from increased risk, as well as fines, it is critical to consider the quality of bunding you will be using. At Spill Station, we have a whole range of bunding options that will exceed any safety guidelines.

Extensive Staff Training

At the end of the day the hard reality is that, regardless of all your equipment, you are only as good as your staff. If you are spending time and money on the safety of your workplace, your staff needs to be well-trained and equipped to handle all your safety equipment in the most efficient way.

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