How can you become a better penetration tester?

Educate yourself in order to become a more successful penetration tester!

Penetration testing is always changing. Cyberattacks that necessitate the use of a trained penetration tester are more complicated. You can utilize the following strategies to improve your pen-testing abilities during your job or educational path.

1. Educate yourself in order to become a more successful penetration tester!

Continue to educate yourself. Never restrict your research. Study often. You can advance in your job if you have the correct information, tools, and applications. Nonetheless, you must have a better understanding of the complexity of information technology systems, networks, and services, as well as how they are protected and attacked.

You have a plethora of possibilities for furthering your education. It might be tough to find aid if you are on a budget (or have the resources to access services within a budget). Here are a few tips to just get you started:

Making use of your library is a smart idea:

The greatest location to find things such as books, periodicals, magazines, publications, and the internet is at public libraries. In certain circumstances, libraries can even host IT, classes and security classes.

It is advised that you utilize the internet:

You may study the CPENT course, security, and IT on a variety of websites. You may use these tools to learn how to do penetration tests, how to utilize an operating system, and how to use other important computer programs.

Configure a PC for testing:

If you have access to a PC or a laptop, you may use it as a testing system. Many firms have obsolete computers lying around that may be utilized for pen-testing.

Take use of virtualization:

To execute penetration testing on numerous systems from a single workstation, install virtualization software that grants you access to other computers. This technique may then be used to establish a tiny virtual network.

Make use of freeware:

There are several demo tools available that allow you to test out the product for a limited time or with restricted capability.

2. To improve as a pen-tester, you must think beyond the box!

Maintain the evolution of your talents, tools, patterns, and assaults. To have a backup plan is always a smart option. Criminals are continually thinking outside the box, therefore keeping ahead of them necessitates thinking beyond the box as well.

The analogy of hackers and assaults is that of flowing water. They’ll figure it out eventually. You may also consider, anticipate, and keep ahead of many forms of attacks by establishing this dynamic attitude.

3. To be a great pen-tester, you must think like a hacker!

The first thing you need to understand about hackers is what they do. It is difficult for someone who values ethics to think like a criminal. This is something that an excellent pentester excels at. Understanding what a nice person would do isn’t enough; you also need to comprehend what someone with ethics would do.

Reading is the greatest method to accomplish this. You may study the history of persons who carried out historical assaults to discover more about them. Kevin Mitnick, a 1990s hacker, was imprisoned in 1995 for carrying out cyberattacks. Learning about Kevin and how he evolved into a grey hat hacker over time may help you comprehend the minds of those who commit crimes and are motivated by such activities.

4. Penetration testing must be performed in a lab!

For testing, use internet resources, rent lab space, or lease system time from others. You may also build your lab by utilizing virtual machines in an existing lab – hands-on experience is essential for success. To discover what is possible, tools, hacks, and tests must be used. It takes a lot of practice to become an exceptional pen tester.

This form of instruction might be difficult to learn. However, there are some alternatives:

Websites that allow you to test your penetration-testing abilities online: Online practice tests are an excellent approach to hone your abilities.

You may test the system on one computer by creating a virtual system of other PCs in your house (a virtual network).

In conclusion

Your learning efforts will eventually strengthen your abilities as a Certified Penetration Tester. Learning is the key to success.


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