Commercial or Residential Movers: Whom Should I Choose?

It is easy to believe that commercial and residential moves are similar. In reality, both are different undertakings. Commercial moves involve offices, organizations, and commercial real estate properties, whereas residential moves involve residential properties. Both require different moving equipment and timelines. The battle plans of a commercial move can be more complicated than the residential move. Expert movers Mississauga can help you sort this mixed bag.

Difference Between Commercial and Residential Moves

You might think that a move is just a simple relocation process. Isn’t it! But, commercial and residential moves have the least similarities. The only common thing amid both is the process. Other than that, both moves differ in many ways. Keep reading to learn the difference between a commercial and residential move.

Residential Move

If you have ever moved into a new house, you will be familiar with the residential moving process. It starts with a house hunt, steps ahead with making moving arrangements, packing, transporting yourself and your belongings, and ultimately unloading your stuff to the new address. You can ease the process by decluttering or donating items you no more need and start with a clean slate.

By and by, you will start preparing other stuff for the move. When packing your belongings, you will need to collect packing boxes and other material you can borrow or buy. For a successful move, it is the right time to opt for professional residential moving services Mississauga, a full-service company that can handle your entire packing checklist in one go. The Mississauga movers team will come with all the packing supplies you might need to pack your house and disassemble your furniture. Besides, your movers can also save you from fishing around for boxes or stepping over the empty ones by helping you unpack them.

Despite everything, the most crucial step of a residential move is deciding when and how to move. Coordinating the schedule is equally important. Planning allows you enough time to handle the necessary steps.

Commercial Move

Commercial moving can be described as the same thing, but the procedure is entirely different and more complex. A commercial move hints at anything from small businesses or retail stores to big factories, warehouses, or corporations. Commercial move planning is essential to minimize the impact on the business operation.

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Commercial moving services Mississauga specialize in dealing with offices relocation. Commercial movers have the expertise and skills to relocate offices without disrupting or sacrificing productivity. They are alike large corporations when we talk about the moving abilities. Commercial movers have adequate equipment to shift servers, computers, and other expensive and delicate office devices. Moreover, they can also move large organizational and storage fittings, like filing cabinets. Simply saying, commercial movers handle large-scale moves.

If it is your commercial move, you should consider a few crucial aspects.

  1. Planning stage – Being careful is crucial for organizing the move beyond the business hours and providing your people with ample time to prepare themselves and their teams. You need to get appropriate tools and manpower based on your business type. But, you will surely need specialist help to move certain things. You might need forklifts, toe jacks, hand trucks, or dollies to shift heavy and awkwardly-shaped objects in your office. Besides, you need expert skills to move large fittings, furniture, and machinery. A professional moving company can handle all the commercial moving tasks with ease and safety. Additionally, commercial movers typically work 24/7 since people often prefer to schedule their move during weekends or evenings to lower the impact on their daily business activities.
  2. Important documents – It is easy to maintain your important papers and items close to you if you plan a residential move. You can carry all your sensitive documents in a box or bag. But, with a commercial move, it is not so simple. An office or a business will have many sensitive documents to handle. You store things like financial documents or employee details in filing cabinets, whereas all the digital documents are stored on hard drives or servers. However, you need to transfer your technology safely.
  3. Electronic devices – While residential movers specialize in moving electronic devices like personal computers, televisions, and other electronics in your house. They have the expertise to handle such items safely. Office electronics, on the contrary, include printers, computer systems, servers, photocopiers, and the whole IT department. Some offices may also include electrical items like vending machines or refrigerators. The most crucial thing about planning a commercial move is analyzing what you need to transfer. However, the movers can make an inventory of all the moveable items and get the appropriate equipment to handle them with diligence.
  4. Heavy items – Printers and vending machines are not the only items to be moved. Instead, businesses also have office fittings like chairs, tables, desks to transfer. Besides, the demands with factories, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses are different. Big machines and products need a considerable amount of manpower. Commercial movers have the expertise and skillset to handle large objects with utter safety.

Some moving services providers offer residential or commercial moving services, whereas some can provide you with both. It is your responsibility to let the company know what type of service you require. Whether residential or commercial, to have a successful move finding a professional residential and commercial moving company with an excellent reputation is very important. After all, a reputable moving company is one that both a homeowner and a business owner can trust.



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