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7 Tips for Saving Moving Cost

Do you know that you can save ample amount of money in the process of moving? No one is lucky enough to get their moving done free of cost. For common people, the expenses related to moving can be very stressful if the budget is very low. You can keep your sanity intact because Movers in London know how to keep the expenditure of moving in check and to stay on the planned budget.

These seven moving tips will enlighten you on the ways to move on the lowest cost. Before you sink into the practical ways to save money, you need to make a list that you can shape up according to you and initiate with the plan for move.

Seven Tips for Saving Moving Cost with Top Movers and Packers

1.Purge your Voluminous goods.

Note down the items which you cannot sell and don’t want then at the new home where you shifting, put them in the donation category. Reach out to the thrift shops for instant and convenient donations. There is a provision of drive-up garage access, you drive through those enclosed hallway, unload the goods, and someone will be out there to hand over a receipt to you.

There are two options available to declutter the bulky goods – Garage sale or estate sale if nothing works donate it.

2.Avoid moving during the peak season

During the peak season, movers are very busy, which makes moving prices little higher. Lack of availability of manpower can cause delay in the moving process and it could exceed your budget also because the charges would be little higher. It is suggested to move when it is an off season so that you have an easier time scheduling the move. Try and book your move with the moving company in advance so that the mover has enough time to arrange for the moving even if you are moving during the peak season.

One more thing can be considered – preferably choose the moving day on a weekday. At the time of weekend, movers charge little extra.

3.Never Hire Unprofessional Movers

Many people get tempted on the proposal which has a low quote as compared to other movers. It’s not always in your best interest that you choose those movers who have very less experience in moving because that could cost you much more than any professional mover. They might not be aware with the thought of handling specific items which could eventually be in the state of damage during the course of moving. There will always be a risk of damaging the items especially the fragile one. Never to hire a moving company who tells you that the weight of the items is way less than the other movers have estimated. 

Unprofessional movers can create jeopardy for your moving while keeping all the goods hostage if a specific payment is not received. Although a professional moving company would follow the law which secure both the consumer and the company, be cautious of such moving company out there who hamper this right and scam customers.

4.Source packing material via the Mover

Packaging stuff can be expensive. Rather than buying wholesome of packing material yourself from the market you can ask your mover if they provide packaging material. In case they are providing packaging material you can do a price comparison. Our experience has been quite positive on this since the packaging material we have sourced from movers has always been of good quality and less pricey. Even if your movers are not providing packaging material do ask them for recommendations.

5.Check feedback and reviews of the moving company

It is mandatory to go through the feedback and reviews before selecting it. It eventually assists you to get an idea about the performance and reputation of the company among the consumers. A word of mouth is evidence of how professional a moving company is and how economical it can get.

A little research about the moving company would give you an insight on the speed of the movers and how efficient they are. Wind up your search to those movers with the reviews that mention the movers were quick and professionally efficient.

6.Don’t purchase home furnishing items for your new space before the move

It gets very tempting, when you have very fascinating offers by the home furnishing companies, but you have to restrain yourself. No matter how appealing the deal you are getting on the items, you have to stick by the thought of not purchasing anything until you move to your new house. Keep browsing the items and put them in the cart and proceed for buying it if it would catch up with the ambience of the new house. You have to stay committed on spending hiatus until you execute your move to the new house. 


  • Withstand the thought of decorating the house with your mental imagination.
  • Don’t take impulsive decisions of spend thrifting on home decors, unless you make an accurate         judgement of the space after living in the actual home.
  • It would be a wise notion to save the money now, so that you will have it saved for your moving day.
  • Unnecessary addition of the items would also have an adverse effect on the moving cost.

7.Only move big and bulky furniture and

To cut down the cost of moving, you can carry small items and boxes by yourself. Leave the furniture and other electrical equipment with the movers. If you are moving locally, then it gets very easy to reach your destination intact, but when it comes to relocation then you have to be little more cautious with all the stuff. On a long distance or a interstate move it is better not to have a lot of stuff with yourself. Entrust the major moving with the moving company and keep jewellery cash and other valuables with you with you. 

Do not try to move furniture by yourself or with the help of your friends or family members. Moving of furniture without professional movers can cause damage to it because it needs proper packing and wrapping. It is not suggested considering DIY move.


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