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Stunning Exterior House Decor Ideas

We all have beautiful homes, flats, and apartments to live in and always maintain a high standard of our personalities. But when it comes to our houses, all people are not the same as our personalities. Many of us often forget to focus on the exterior decor and maintenance of our homes. Either go for too many decorations which look immensely bulky and flashy, or else we do not do anything at all. We have a somehow unmanageable balance between our choices regarding exterior house decor, which is not a good trait.

So, below are some of the most appropriate and adopted tips, tricks, and advice for you to teach in your idea of exterior house decor ideas.

1. Focus on the colors of paints:

You need to convince your mind to choose subtly and eye-catching to see colors for the exterior of your house. The color should be a resistant one. It should not fade away with the vagaries of nature like heavy rain, scorching sunlight, or humidity. Go for pastel colors like lilac, grey, white, peach, yellow, etc. These colors look incredibly classy, and high standard-raising yet are readily available in the markets these days. Also, make sure to choose a renowned and good brand for the color.

2. Plants make homes more excellent:

Always try to add details to your stunning home decor. Whether inside or outside, exterior or interior of home decor, plants always elevate the way your home looks and make you feel. They are not only for decoration but also to purify the air in and around your home. Also, they add up to the factor of prevention of insects, pests, and bad bacteria in and around your home. Hence, they are a very essential and healthy addition to your exterior decor ideas. Go for attractive and catchy colorful plant pots and holders to make it look more beautiful.

3. Curtains add up to the beauty:

Always use light-colored curtains to the gates of your houses. They brighten up the whole room from the inside and look pretty and very significantly spacious from the outside. In addition, they create an illusion of having a bigger entrance or gateway to the inside of the house, which adds up a stunning look to the home’s exterior decor. Always use satin, chiffon, lace, net, or georgette fabric for your curtains. According to your convenience and reasonability, such materials are readily available, accessible, and easily switchable in any season. They are pretty affordable as well.

4. Keep it clean:

All your efforts are worthless and useless if you can’t maintain your beautiful bathroom’s hygiene, sanitation, and cleanliness. So, always keep an eye on all these factors. Avoid the reign of insects, pests, etc., in the boundary of your house, and always clean the floor of the exterior verandah or balcony. Don’t use strong-smelling floor cleaners. Need to avoid gaudy-colored tiles or marbles on the exterior. If you always keep washing the floor and keep it sappy all the time, try to avoid doing so as the watery habit creates a wrong impression on the visitors of your house.

5. Use of different tiles to add details:

The dull ground of your exterior gateway may not tempt you to convince your mind and heart to go in and get into any home, but a beautiful layer of tiled surface surely will. There are a lot of tile ideas over the internet and in the interior decor showrooms. There are a lot of designs and purposes for tiles for the exterior. For example, people go for printed rhombus tiles instead of the square ones to maintain the spacious nature of the exterior part of the house. However, the tiles shouldn’t be completely plain surfaced because this will increase the chances of making it slippery once water is spilled over it. So, always remember to buy, purchase or even suggest other people go for mosaic tiles for their outside part of the home. These mosaic tiles are slightly rough over the surface and create a frictional feel to our feet, preventing the sudden fall or slipping on the bathroom surface. Also, the maintenance of these tiles is essential, or else they will lose all their luster and beauty over time.

6. Add minimalistic elementary pieces:

You can add different small, minimalistic, elemental yet elegant art pieces to your exterior decor of the house to grab the visitors’ attention. For example, in India, people use lemon and green chilies in a row format tied with thread to avoid the evil or bad omen in and around their homes. Similarly, you can go for beautiful God idols or even your nameplate with a few details to beautify the elegance of your front door. In addition, you can use doormats of different colors, shapes, and patterns to make your entrance enjoyable. Finally, you can keep a bowl full of water and seeds for birds, making your personality look more generous to the passer-by people.


Here are some of the most adapted and trusted sources, tips, tricks, and advice for you to add up to the stunning exterior home decor for making your houses more beautiful. We hope this piece of information about the lovely exterior home decor has helped you in your exterior designing and decor journey. You can refer to your nearest exterior decor showrooms and make it more happening and exciting for more details.


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