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Sliding Door Track to Get Aesthetic Preferences & Fit In Your Operational Needs

Doors are the gateway to the interior of a home and speak for what your aesthetics and style stand for. Sliding door hardware is popular among homeowners for being space-saving, eco-friendly, highly durable, easy to install, and has top-notch security. Sliding hardware with hidden track comes in various types which can be installed in various spaces of your home to upgrade your home’s overall style and appeal.

Various types of slide door hardware

  • Bypass doors: Bypass-style doors are the most popular and affordable doors used for closets, bathrooms, showers, and as a way of separating two living spaces for privacy. These doors have fixed panels hanging adjacent to each other. They come in glass or wooden versions.
  • Pocket sliding doors: These doors are popular since the Victorian era, for being space-saving as they disappear into the wall, have a single panel, and have no hinges at all. They are installed in pantries, bedrooms, and closets.
  • Patio sliding doors: Sliding doors became synonymous with patio sliding doors as most homes have a single fixed door panel and a door panel made of toughened glass; and are child-friendly too.
  • Shoji door: Borrowed from Japanese culture, Shoji doors are made of glass and paper, are usually installed as a garden entrance. They are best for homes full of adults.
  • Accordion doors: As the name suggests, they resemble an accordion to a tee. These doors are inexpensive and perfect for closets for their unique design aesthetic.
  • Barn doors: From rural homes to modern ones, barn doors are found in all places. They feature an upper rack and a bottom grove to fit the door into, are easy to install and space-saver. They can be installed anywhere including garages.
  • Sliding french door: if you don’t have space for bi-fold french doors, install sliding ones for an ornate and stylish look.

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The functionality and aesthetic value of interior sliding door hardware in your home

  • Aesthetic appeal: Sliding glass doors add oomph and easily blend into the decor of your home. For revolutionary decor ideas, install sliding doors for bathrooms, bedrooms as well.
  • Easily operable: compared to conventional doors, sliding doors are flexible to open and close fully, hence perfect for large rooms.
  • Maximizing living space: Traditional doors need swinging space, but sliding doors roll on a track or hang from above and slide into the wall, saving space for other purposes.
  • Lower maintenance: These doors don’t corrode, crack or peel over time. They last long and come with warranties from manufacturers.
  • Creating warmth inside: Install glass sliding doors to bring natural light into your decor and reenergize life into the aesthetics.
  • Energy-efficient: Sliding doors have a composite gasket that acts as an optimal thermal insulator to keep you warm during winter and cool during summer.
  • Convenient access: For renovations, consider installing a sliding door to move in and move out easily, space utilization, security, and conserving energy.

Tips for maintenance of sliding doors

  • The track should be vacuumed or cleaned with a brush and then wiped with a household cleaner for smooth operation and upkeep of doors.
  • Use any type of lubrication for hardware components for smooth functioning.
  • Clean the weather stripping regularly to clean debris. If deteriorated, replace them immediately.
  • Exterior grade silicon sealant must be used for sliding doors as they are more resistant to external weather conditions.
  • Don’t push glass sliding doors harshly that can damage the track. Clean the glass doors regularly to keep them spotless.
  • Check the rollers of doors regularly to see if they are broken, loose or dirty. If broken, replace immediately; if loose, tighten or replace the loose screws, and clean the rollers regularly for smooth operation.
  • Check the weep hole blockage by pouring a small amount of water into the interior sill track. If the water drains out, the system is good; if not, insert a wire and repeat the test till the blockage is removed.


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