Why Are Modular Cleanrooms Important?

Let us first understand what is a modular cleanroom? Any room with a contained environment in which multiple parameters are precisely monitored and controlled is referred to as the modular cleanroom. The primary function of a clean room is to greatly reduce contamination and control conditions within the contained environment. Any cleanroom components require constant maintenance. However, the ROI on clean room panels is great.

Who uses clean rooms?

Microelectronics and life science industries mostly use cleanrooms. These companies use cleanroom panels to design and develop electronics, pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, etc.

What form of contamination do they contain?

Contamination is often referred to as anything that can corrupt a process or product and vary by industry. They can be in all three states, including solids, liquids, and gas. The particles can be airborne or liquid-based. One of the most common sources of contamination is people or human beings.

What can contaminate a clean room

Skin, hair flakes, makeup, skin oil, mucus, and perspiration are the most common forms of personnel-based contamination. In addition to this, microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, and other microbes can be introduced by humans. Other than this, even clothing has a fair chance of contaminating the environment. In addition to all these sources, friction and maintenance too can be part of the reason a clean environment has been contaminated.

How modular cleanrooms are classified

Contaminants and clean rooms are primarily classified by how many airborne particles are detected per cubic foot or meter of sampled air. This also includes ambient air and compressed gas.

For septic environments, the air is sampled for viable particulate contaminants. This can be applied to both ambient air in the environment as well as compressed gas. Apart from this, the liquid used in specific processes can be checked for contaminants as well.

Why are cleanrooms important?

At Sai Seva service, we have already realized how important cleanrooms are. If you are in a product development-based industry, then investing in a cleanroom can benefit you in the long run. So, take a look at why cleanrooms could be the best investment choice for your business.

Great ROI

One of the main reasons why you should invest in a cleanroom is for every single dollar that you will invest. You will improve the quality of your product hence providing you with more sales. In addition to this, having a maintained cleanroom will allow you to increase your production rates since you won’t have to worry about clogged operations.


With every cleanroom, you will get the chance to improve your quality. Having a cleanroom will have a direct impact on your overall quality of production, which as result, will allow your customers to trust your product’s quality.

modular cleanroom products

Reduce wastage

As we all know, waste management is one of the major issues that pharmaceuticals and biotech companies face today. Companies sometimes have to throw entire batches of products away due to contamination. Having a modular cleanroom, you can greatly reduce your waste and properly manage it.

Cost reduction

One of the major cost factors that biotech and pharmaceutical companies face is having to set up heavy machinery. Now, if the environment around those machinery becomes contaminated, it will add another costing factor to the whole process. Having a modular cleanroom will prevent any such situation from arising.


Having a modular cleanroom system will provide you with easy assembly, configuration, installation, upgrades, and expansion. As a result, it will allow less disruption or downtime. In addition to this, panels will also secure proper maintenance without making drastic changes to the complete system.

Consistent quality

One major advantage of modular cleanroom panels the production of consistent quality. They are environment-controlled processes hence producing nothing but only quality products.


Now when you are fairly familiar with the benefits of having a modular cleanroom it’s time to decide on getting this for your production factory. We offer industry-leading modular cleanroom, and panel installation services as well as modular cleanroom suppliers.


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