Things That The Family Pact Birth Control Program Covers

A family pact program is a boon for couples who are living under the 200% federal poverty level. This program is valid only in California State so as a resident, you can avail the advantage. The program mainly focuses on the education and services that can help women to prevent unwanted pregnancies. There are several family pact birth control services that are available absolutely free of charge. So being a registered patient, you can make a choice among birth controlling methods to stop pregnancy. These approaches are safe to use and can also prevent the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Let’s check them below and seek the information to become a family pact member.

Pills and condoms

This is undoubtedly true that the use of contraceptive pills can stop pregnancies. They can act to stop pregnancy by ovulation and thickening cervical mucus that can stop sperm from entering the uterus. Similarly, condoms are a safe kind of birth control that can prevent pregnancy. You can get these birth control services free of charge under the family pact.

Sterilization and contraceptive implants

These methods require referrals by the doctor and can be used to stop pregnancy by blocking the tubes permanently. You can also use a copper IUD which is normally referred to as Copper-T. It can block the ways to reach sperm to the ovaries.

Emergency contraception

You can get emergency contraception if you had unsafe sex the night before. The use of EC is effective when it is consumed immediately after intercourse. So, you can get EC pills free as a family pact patient.

Pregnancy testing and counseling

Along with family pact birth control services, you can also get facilities for free pregnancy testing. You can go to the urgent care clinic to check whether you are pregnant or not. Besides, you can consult the healthcare experts about stopping the pregnancy. Proper counseling can help you to know the different ways to prevent being pregnant and also advise for a healthy pregnancy.

STDs testing and treatment

Sexually transmitted diseases are common among males and females when they sexually contact each other. Even the STD can occur without having intercourse and only with kissing and touching. The reason is the presence of sexually transmitted infection on the body part that can pass to male or female partners. However, this infection can be cured easily with medication. But some severe infections like HIV are only manageable but cannot be treated. Therefore, safe sex is the only way to prevent the risk of STDs. So, being a family pact patient, you can visit the clinic for free STD testing and treatments. This will help in managing your sexual health and can prevent serious infections in the future.

Birth control counseling

Does birth control is your priority without getting the side effects from using contraceptive pills and other techniques? If yes, then you need specialized counseling about birth control techniques. You can visit the local urgent clinic to meet a gynecologist for such education. The expert will listen to your priorities and sexual goals to provide you with the right education. It helps you in reducing the risk of getting unwanted pregnancy and STD infections. You will also get advice on regular pelvic exams and pap smears which are also covered in the family pact program.

How to become eligible for a family pact?

A family pact is not applicable to every couple living in California State. But it has some qualifying conditions to be fulfilled for eligibility. The major condition is that you must be living under the 200% Federal Poverty Line. Another important consideration is that you must not have medical insurance, especially for family planning services.

How to apply for family pact birth control services?

The process is simple though you need to first consult with your urgent care clinic. You have to talk to the representative at the family pact service desk. The service provider will ask you some questions to evaluate whether you need a family pact. If you seem an eligible candidate, you will be provided a CEC form. You have to fulfill the form and need to submit it the same day to the desk. This would help you to get a health access card which indicates you a beneficiary under the family pact. So, by getting registered, you can start receiving the service under this program.

Once you are eligible for the family pact, you can become qualified for free reproductive health services. You can get the services for a whole year until your income goes higher.

Benefits of enrolling in the family pact

1. Free family planning services

By enrolling in this program, you can have family planning services without any financial stress. The program is monitored and funded by the California State for men and women. So, if you are not able to pay out of your pocket due to low income, you can avail yourself of free services. It works to deliver free education on birth control, safe sexual intercourse, unwanted pregnancies, reproductive health, and many more. It also guides you for a healthy pregnancy, spacing between children, and the number of children. In addition, you can have free access to birth control pills, condoms, and contraceptives.

2. Get health card

You can become a part of family pact birth control services by receiving your Health Access Program (HAP) card. This card is only for couples who have an interest in well plan parenthood. They can acclaim to being family pact participants. This card is helpful for them to get better access to services covered under the program.

3. Free treatment and diagnosis

The family pact program is focused on maintaining the reproductive health of men and women. So, enrollment in this program will provide free treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover, women can get free medical checkups for pregnancy, cervical cancer, and pelvic exam. The program also involves free health counseling by experts to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

4. Faster enrollment

Family Pact is not intended to deliver other medical services but only focuses on family planning services. So, one can get full insight into this program by enrolling for the benefit. Besides, it has broad-spectrum eligibility criteria that are not difficult to fulfill. There are many households in The Golden State who have less than 200% income from the Federal poverty line. So they can easily enroll in the scheme. Plus, the enrollment for this program is faster as you can become a member in a single visit to urgent care clinic. The form filling and enrollment would take place on the site. The family pact network is also broad with private and public healthcare partnerships. So, you can have a wider choice to register with the program.

5. Pharmacy supply

The family pact program is available with both private and public healthcare partnerships. So, it gives wider access to the family planning products to the beneficiaries. The program runs a family anniversary pharmacy supply campaign to ensure optimum delivery of products to families. So, you will get the necessary supplies for family planning and the medications required.

6. Testing and counseling for HIV

HIV is a serious sexually transmitted disease that cannot be treated but only managed. So, the family pact covers testing and counseling for HIV. It works on the basis of 5Cs such as confidentiality, consent, counseling, correct testing, and connection to HIV prevention.

To sum up

You can easily meet the eligibility for family pact birth control services. Visiting the urgent care clinic helps you in completing the registration process quickly and conveniently. You can get on-spot registration with prompt assistance from the service desk representative. So, enroll in this program by completing the qualifications and exploring the advantage of free-of-cost reproductive healthcare services.


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