What is a Cat6a Plenum 1000ft Cable?

Cat6a Plenum 1000ft Cable

In this article, we will discuss the modern-day Ethernet cable Cat6a Plenum1000ft cable that works brilliantly to resolve modern-day networks connectivity issues. It provides lightning-fast speed to the networks that enhance their performance and value to a great extent.

Cat6a Plenum1000ft Cable

The “a” in classification 6A cabling represents expanded. These cables convey twist speeds and are utilized for 10G networks or when high transfer speed speeds are required. Further, Cat6A cables are thicker than Cat6 cables as they have a thick plastic around the wires and because the sets have a more tight wind. This gives more copper per inch, which brings about less cross-talk and less sign misfortune.

Important Features

It accompanies the following features:

  • 4 twisted pair wires
  • 23 AWG Bare Copper Conductor
  • 10 Gigabits of network speed
  • Gives Ethernet speed up to 330 feet
  • Is appraised and estimated at a data transmission of 500MHz

Cat6A plenum cable offers twofold the speed and distance of Cat6, which settles on it an ideal cabling decision for networks.

It is one of the most recommended Ethernet cables in the modern era. It fulfills the modernized networking demands and needs efficiently whether you are designing it for a home or an organization. This cable proves to be one of the best among all available Ethernet cables in the market.

Construction Layout of Cat6a Plenum 1000ft

It is a standard CMP cable with lightning-fast internet speed. It is a 23 AWG cable with a solid bare copper conductor. The presence of bare copper conductors increases the efficiency of the cable to a great extent. As they come with low DC resistance property that enhances their efficiency to the next level.

These cables come with four unshielded twisted pairs of conductor wires. Each pair has a significant color that makes them easy to identify for network administrators. PE tape is used as the insulation tape for these conductor wires and an LDPE separator to keep them separate from each other. The use of a separator between them increases their efficiency to a great deal against crosstalk and EMI properties.

The normal cable diameter is around 0.256 in or 6.50 mm. Usually, it comes in a length of 1000ft on a wooden Spool or an EZ- pull box. They come with a ripcord as well which makes its usage easy and convenient.

It is available in different colors in the market and users can select the one according to their needs and requirements.


In the first place, note that each cabling classification’s transmission speeds are theoretical and rely upon all parts to perform at the greatest rates. For example, you won’t ever get an ideal speed utilizing an inheritance gadget that isn’t equipped for accomplishing Gigabit speeds.

Cat5e is the most economical cabling choice; be that as it may, it is additionally the slowest. Surely, Cat5e can perform well for the vast majority of the present applications, particularly assuming your network is cloud-based—yet passes on less freedom to redesign later on.

Assuming you want speed, Cat6 and Cat6A plenum 1000ft is your most ideal decision for cabling. Cat6 doesn’t give the distance that cat6a plenum cable does; nonetheless, it is the more affordable decision. Additionally, picking between Cat6 and Bulk Cat6a CMP cable will help future-evidence your organization for somewhere around a couple of years. Except if you have a 25G or 45G network, Cat 6 or Cat6A cables will be bounty quick enough for most circumstances.

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