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Air Conditioning Units

Effective control of temperature and humidity is crucial to keep the goods in a warehouse safe. Ignorance of it can have adverse effects on the quality and safety of the goods. Thus warehouse air conditioning and refrigeration play an essential role to store your goods optimally until your goods go for shipment. 

The modern air conditioning units in London are designed to keep your warehouse cool. But all air conditioning units are different based on the capacity, size, and more. However, definitely, the warehouse air conditioning unit will rapidly cool the place due to their higher volumes. They distribute cool air equally in all areas of your warehouse. Also, they are efficient, so you can save money on energy utility bills. But which air conditioning system is best for your warehouse? No idea! Don’t worry, we got you covered. Keep reading to find out the best air conditioning unit for your warehouse.

Different Types Of Warehouse Air Conditioning Systems

Below are the different types of air conditioning units available in London. Find out which one is the most suitable for your warehouse. Call warehouse air conditioning installation professionals in London to have flawless installation of the system.

Single Split Air Conditioning System

It goes without saying that they are the most affordable air conditioning system for your warehouse. Also, they are very easy to install due to their small size. However, they are too much alike to the small split air cons popular in the residents of London. They are ideal if your warehouse size is small. They control the temperature of your small warehouse, keeping all goods safe. 

However, these units offer a high amount of flexibility. In addition to that, there are not many hassles in the maintenance of a single split air conditioning system. You can segregate the parts inside the system for cleaning and repair. But the downside of this system is it is not best-suited for a large warehouse. So, you need to install multiple systems. Moreover, every unit will have a separate outdoor unit for excretion of hot air. Hence, you need to install multiple outdoor units as well.

Multi-Split Air Conditioning System

These systems share many similarities with the single split air conditioning system. The main advantage of this warehouse air conditioning system is you can connect multiple indoor units with a single outdoor unit. Hence, you don’t need to install a separate outdoor unit for each system. So, you can preserve the outward appearance of your warehouse. Also, you don’t need more outward space for installing too many outdoor units. 

Another advantage of this system is you can choose different types, size, and capacity of indoor units and connect them with a single outdoor unit. Thus, you have flexibility to make choices between ceiling, wall mounted, and floor cooling system.

But the installation process is complex. So, the air conditioning London will charge more for installing multiple indoor systems. Also, it connects different types of systems with a one outdoor unit. A single mistake can hamper the efficiency of all units connected to it. However, it is an attractive option for the medium-sized warehouse.

Air Cons With Variable Refrigerant Flow Or Volume

Both VRV and VRF systems work by collecting and exchanging heat inside and outside the warehouse. So, you can have a remarkable cooling temperature inside your warehouse. These air conditioning systems in London come in two types – heat recovery and heat pumps. 

If you have a large warehouse, heat pumps are ideal. They can provide cooling in the large area of your house in no time. Heat recovery units can provide both heat and air conditioning at the same time in different spaces of your warehouse. So, you can control the cooling temperature of all smaller areas in the warehouse. So, don’t think twice if you have a large warehouse. Install this type of air conditioning system in your London’s warehouse and keep your goods safe until they go for shipment.

Chilled Water Air Conditioning System

After VRV & VRF, chilled water air conditioning systems are another ideal option for your large warehouse. The installation cost in these large applications of the unit is affordable to all warehouse owners. However, they are more efficient in comparison to VRV and VRF air con systems. Isn’t it amazing?

The chilled water air conditioning systems in London have redundancy. So they need to be engineered properly. If so, you can easily install them in your large warehouse. These hydronic systems are very popular in London for maintaining the temperature inside the large warehouse.

Air Conditioning Units With Alternative Source Of Energy

Modern air conditioning units run with green energy. With 24 hours operation in the warehouse, these systems are the most efficient way to keep the temperature cool. It is emission-free, thus protecting the environment. It will keep your goods in optimum condition by controlling the temperature, wetness, and humidity of your storage area.

Final Thoughts

Warehouses are popular for high temperatures, especially in summer. The excessive heat can hamper the condition of the goods as well as the health and efficiency of workers. During the heat waves of summer in London, many warehouse owners opt for a rental cooling system. It is essential as the temperature is increasing every year in summer due to global warming. However, for the rental system, you need to install the system every year. Also, they are old and less efficient, so you need to pay high power utility bills.

To avoid all such troubles, you can choose any of the above air conditioning systems in London depending on the size and capacity of your warehouse. Installation of these systems offer multiple benefits as follows:

  • Optimum cooling inside the warehouse keep your workers safe and more productive.
  • They are affordable and energy-efficient, so you can save on power utility bills.
  • It offers safer storage temperatures for all goods, so you can keep them safe until they go for shipment.

So, cool your workers and products with the installation of the most suitable air conditioning system for your warehouse. They will bring the temperature inside your warehouse down to bearable levels during hot summer.


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