6 Apps That Can Replace Your Science Tutor As Homework Helper

Replace Your Science Tutor As Homework Helper

While researching school-level science subjects, students try to find a science homework helper for help. The concepts remain unclear, and the questions may be tricky; there can be multiple reasons why a student may require assistance.

But there has been a trend of not committing to a physical tutor for assistance. Many students are gradually shifting to digital help for various reasons.

We have listed down the 6 most popular apps that can replace a live tutor as your homework helper –


This app runs on a beautiful algorithm that allows users to capture pictures of equations and give a detailed solution. Students can download this app from both Google Play as well as iOS as it has been rated among the top science helping apps consistently for some years now. Although its step-by-step structure of providing solutions creates ripples among students, some teachers fear the worst. They feel this kind of app can be misused by the students to cheat in exams.


You can be a school student with a few periods in school or a college student dealing with multiple credits, but the one thing bothering both is how constant assignments mess up your schedule. iHomework helps to track all your assignments, sorting them by month, week, and even due dates.

Its biggest USP is the scheduling feature which will remind you of every unit test, assignment date, or lab session. You can also tag the places so that you do not end up in another classroom on your exam day. iHomework has its own cloud sync technology, so accessing all the information is very convenient as long as you are around any Apple device.

Google Apps for Education

You can take the help of the world’s most extensive search engine’s web services as an alternative to installing any software on your phone or computer. If your electronic devices are running low on storage, try the free web-based apps from Google Apps for Education suite. It comes as a whole bundle which includes Gmail, Google Docs, Hangouts, Google Sheet, etc. The student can use these services to organize their assignments and send feedbacks.

In certain developed countries, like the writers responsible for assignment help in Dubai, use these services profusely. They even extract the benefit of the offline mode of Google Services, especially during severe sandstorms when their connectivity poses a problem.


This is another cross-platform education app that enables students to capture and send snaps of their homework to online tutors. The prompt service of the app responds within minutes with in-depth solutions. This app comes free of cost. However, certain premium services are paid.

Homework Helper

Chinese tech giant Baidu has developed this app. The USP of Homework Help is this app relies on crowdsourcing to provide answers or any kind of help. The students post pictures of their queries or simply write on the app. The netizens try to answer them, and those who give correct answers get digital tokens that can be redeemed to purchase electronics.


This is another crowdsourcing educational app like homework helper. They also rely on their online community of students to give answers to the queries that get posted.

The online modes of getting tuition and homework help are getting popular mostly because they are free to use. They are much more convenient than getting hold of a physical tutor. While many students still prefer to buy term paper help from the online assignment writing service providers, there is a large section that is shifting loyalties to the apps and software.


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