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Stucco Siding: What You Need To Know

A lot of different building components go into the construction of a house. However, the exterior cladding of the house is one of the most noticed aspects and garners the most attention from the passers-by. The exterior cladding or home siding material you select drastically affects the aesthetic appeal of your house as well as plays an important role in safeguarding your home from exterior elements.

What is Stucco Siding?

In general, stucco siding refers to exterior surface coatings of homes. A Portland cement, sand, lime, and water mix is used to create this siding option. The application of stucco siding must be based on a solid foundation, unlike other external cladding options. Usually, the builder applies several coats of stucco siding mixture. The final result offers a beautiful, natural, and royal look to your home exterior.

Stucco siding has been in use since ancient history. Ancient Romans prepared a stucco siding mixture with lime, marble dust, gypsum, and sand. In some places, this type of home siding material continues to adorn the ancient building walls even today. These examples are a testament to the extreme durability and long lifespan of this exterior cladding option. Below is a complete rundown on the benefits of stucco siding and its downsides for your home.

Benefits of Stucco Siding

  • A stucco wall’s color will remain stable. In cement-based stuccos as well as lime stuccos, pigments are often added directly to the mixture. In this way, the color has been incorporated into the stucco itself instead of being painted on afterward. This will increase the color-fastness of your siding and reduce the amount of time you have to spend repainting your exterior every few years.
  • Since it is applied by hand, stucco siding also offers customization options. Even if you are not an expert plasterer, this cladding option provides a lot of DIY options. Stucco is very customizable if you are only covering a portion of your home’s exterior with it. It is possible to texture stucco in several ways, enabling you to enhance it with creative embellishments.
  • Stucco siding is usually one of the reasonably priced exterior home siding materials, especially if you purchase the raw ingredients and prepare your own mixture.
  • Stucco provides a seamless and long-lasting seal for your house exterior, unlike other cladding and plastering options. This is a major benefit of stucco siding and it helps protect your home against driving rain and snow.
  • Stucco plaster can also add a protective layer of fire resistance to your home. You can get a fire rating of at least one hour for your house by applying a three-coat application of lime or cement-based stucco siding. Stucco featuring this rating will protect wooden components from direct flames for one hour at least.

At Best-Stucco home solutions, a leading stucco contractor near you, we provide a complete exterior solution with expertise in stucco and stone.

Disadvantages and Challenges of Stucco Siding

  • Stucco siding and plaster require timely and regular maintenance. This includes regular sealing and cleaning of stucco.
  • Applying stucco to your house exterior is a tedious process. This is one reason that despite the relatively cheaper costs of the materials, the professional plasterer or the stucco contractors near you usually charge more for stucco application.
  • Your plaster may suffer cracks and fractures if you live in a climate that is prone to temperature fluctuations. In the event of damage like this, water can enter your home, causing mold issues to affect its frame. Hence, any major or minor visible cracks need to be fixed immediately.

Stucco Vs Vinyl Siding

Stucco and Vinyl, both sidings are very durable and have a long lifespan. However, as the stucco is always applied in a minimum of three layers, it is thicker than vinyl siding. Because of its thickness stucco is also resistant to hail blows and withstands rain and snow.

While properly installed Vinyl siding can last up to 20-40 years, Stucco siding can last up to 60-100 years – hence a long-lasting and permanent option. Both Stucco and Vinyl siding are easy on maintenance, Vinyl siding may require an annual wash and Stucco covering will fade in sun so might need an occasional repaint.

Installing vinyl siding is faster, easier, and cheaper. You can easily mount the ready-to-install panels on the brackets by yourself. While installing stucco is a time-consuming process that requires professional expertise. Learn more.


The unique charm of stucco siding lends a unique appeal to the exterior of any home, whether it’s a contemporary home with smooth or a southwestern ranch house with lace and skip finish. Stucco siding with a smooth or lightly-textured finish that garners attention to the home exteriors.

With a wide variety of finishes and limitless color possibilities, Stucco siding can be a perfect solution to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house. Search for ‘stucco contractors near me’ and you are sure to find www.best-stucco.com.


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