Where are Pneumatic Dust Vacuums Used for?

Dust Vacuums are air-controlled modern vacuums that join a twister that is fundamentally utilized for the recuperation of cleans and powders. The residue vacuums can be standard or hostile to static for burnable cleans.

Our premium pneumatic vacuum cleaners are great for use in perilous areas as a feature of an ignitable residue cleaning program. They are appropriate for use in numerous businesses that have combustible and ignitable materials in their areas. Our Pneumatic Vacuums don’t utilize power and are a protected, dependable, and practical answer for your business. Our vacuums don’t have a motor or any moving parts that could make arcing, crushing or starting as they work on compacted air. Dangers of blasts can happen in a climate where flammable materials or substances are blended in with air and there is a start source present. This is the most secure and most financially savvy choice accessible. They are intended to kill the dangers of these possibly disastrous circumstances. A 5 year-Warranty adds unparalleled worth.


Pneumatic Drum VacuumsAnti-static cyclone trolley with 60-liter stainless steel capture tank controlled by 100 cfm of packed air. Unit is grounded and provided with a 38mm enemy of static attractions hose by 5 meters.

Intended for the protected recuperation of flammable tidies. Utilized broadly and securely in the course of the most recent 10 years. These air-operated vacuum cleaners have been useful in numerous industries.

The framework comprises a packed air-controlled drum vacuum, either a Drum Lid vacuum or a Drum Top vacuum, or a more modest treated steel 60-liter drum vacuum.

This is then combined with a subsequent catch drum fitted with a twister that isolates up to 98% of the residue into the catch drum.

With roughly 2% of residue venturing out through to the fundamental powerhead drum the framework can run for stretched out periods without the need to clean or change the channel.

Instances of ventures where pneumatic vacuums are sold:

  • Paint Powder
  • Grain
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil and Gas
  • Wood Processing
  • Gathering Plants
  • Plastics
  • Cement and Silica Dust
  • Clean Rooms

Why pick our Pneumatic dust vacuum cleaners?

  • Pneumatic drum vacuums are fueled by compacted air, they don’t utilize electricity.
  • There are no moving parts to wear out, cause rubbing, or make a flash.
  • Can be utilized in both wet and dry applications.
  • Planned and fabricated in Canada.
  • Multiple times the force of electric vacuums.
  • Tremendous 5-meter water lift.
  • 5-year long-term warranty.

What are the advantages of industrial pneumatic vacuums?

Pneumatic vacuum frameworks enjoy a few benefits when contrasted with traditional vacuum frameworks. Since they are fueled by packed air, pneumatic vacuums don’t have any moving parts.

The vacuum is created by means of a venturi framework. Along these lines, pneumatic vacuums are an incredible choice for risky materials, including burnable materials. They hush up, are lightweight, and are simple to utilize.

Pneumatic vacuums can come furnished with a HEPA Filter. Pneumatic vacuums are most generally utilized in businesses that have perilous materials like ignitable residue.

Packed Air Requirements

All of our modern vacuums work utilizing packed air and don’t utilize power. The air supply necessity is controlled by your application and the accessibility of your air supply. See the outline beneath for more data.

18 CFM Models 5 HP Minimum

48 CFM Models 10 HP Minimum

85 CFM Models 20 HP Minimum

185 CFM Models 40 HPMinimum.

Pneumatic Vacuums Vs. Electric Vacuums

Pneumatic vacuum cleaners enjoy extensive upper hands over electric vacuums. The following are five advantages of utilizing a pneumatic vacuum.

1. No Electric Motor

These classes of vacuums don’t have an electric engine or any moving parts. In uncompromising sorts, these vacuums are substantially more proficient and liked. What’s more, the application utilized is favorable when contrasted with electric vacuums due to no burnout parts.

2. No Fire Hazard

Pneumatic vacuums kill any fire peril and are protected to utilize. Since there is no electric engine utilized, starting at the brushes is eliminated. There are no electric fields present, making it special and safe.

3. Reasonable for a Wet-dry climate

These vacuums are most appropriate for wet surfaces where surfaces are wet, and the air is sticky. The vacuum doesn’t need high voltage electrical ropes taking out the risks of electric shocks. Moreover, the vacuum is appropriate for perilous conditions.

4. More Vacuum Lift

The vacuum lift created by air-controlled pneumatic modern vacuums is multiple times more than electric vacuums. Attributable to its more vacuum lift, these are ideal for hard core turn out appropriate for ventures, associations, and homes.

5. All the more Readily Available

Compacted air vacuums or pneumatic vacuums are all the more promptly accessible. When contrasted with electric vacuum, these can be bought in plant areas or retail outlets.


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