How to Unlock Access Database MDB File?

Unlock Access Database MDB File

Digibizner! Are you still confused about protected Access MDB files? Do you want to unlock access database MDB file? Do not be nervous! Because here we provide a complete guide on how to open Access MDB files. So read the full article to understand it correctly. 

Almost all users have complex multilingual passwords set for their Access databases. But they usually forget the password. In this case, you cannot open the protected MDB file to find an instant solution to the problem. Therefore, we have taken this into account and will reveal a reliable solution to unlock Access MDB files. 

Yesterday I received Access MDB database file from one of my colleagues. But when you try to open it, it doesn’t open because it is password protected. And the saddest thing is that my colleague lost the password of this protected Access database. Now I need an efficient solution to open MS Access MDB files. So please suggest me an effective way to do the same. Thank you

Manual Approach to Unlock Access Database MDB File

In this section you will get a manual solution on how to unlock password protected MDB files. However, it does reveal every step exactly. That is, all instructions are effectively executed to run the process of opening an encrypted Access MDB file.
  • First, Run the Microsoft Access program
  • Now Pick the locked MDB database file to unlock it
  • Then a password dialog box will appear on the screen. Therefore, you need to add the correct password and click OK
  • Finally, the locked Access MDB file will open completely without any problem.

Reliable Solution to Unlock Password Protected MDB File

Most users are looking for a solution to the problem, such as opening a password protected MDB file. Most importantly, users set strong passwords to protect their databases. However, due to the complexity, passwords are often lost or forgotten. In this case, the manual solution does not work effectively. This is because the free solution cannot recover forgotten password. But don’t worry! Best solution to solve how to unlock password protected MDB files: You can use expert suggested MDB Password Recovery Tool. With this software, you can recover passwords instantly and open MDB files protected with alphanumerical passwords.

Furthermore, the software is capable of removing passwords from MDA and MDW files with the help of this utility. However, the software helps to improve the features and functionality. However, it offers a variety of amazing options that make the password unlocking process simple and easy. Also, you can download this tool on any Windows machine. Because the software is widely compatible with all Windows operating systems of advanced and lower versions.

  • Recover Open Access Database Access MDB File Exact Password
  • Software support to reset MDB file password
  • Recover and reset passwords of multiple MDB files at once
    Open protected MS Access file document after password recovery
  • Easy recovery of complex or multilingual access database passwords
  • MS Access is required to remove or recover password from MDB file

Guide to Remove Unlock Access Database MDB File in Just Few Click

  • Start and Install Access Database Password Recovery software

Download Access Password Recovery

  • Click Browse to add a password protected MDB database file

select add file or folder

  • Navigate to the location where you saved the MDB file to select the file. Click the Open button

Navigate MDB Files

  • Next, Choose the password of the user you want to reset the password for and Hit the Reset tab

click reset button


We hope you can resolve this issue, such as how to unlock access database MDB file. Mainly, we have a complete discussion of solution manuals and specializations. But the free method has its limitations, so it is better to use third-party app workarounds. With this software, you can easily open protected MDB database files without any hassle. Other than that, the decision is yours. You can select any methods according to your preferences.


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