How to Launch a Video Subscription Business ?

Streaming video content online has been popular in recent years. People prefer to choose a video subscription platform so they can watch any content whenever they want. It allows the users to access the entire video content library and provide a better user experience. For businesses, it is always easy to sell video content through the subscription model. Statistics say the video subscription market will reach $82 billion by the end of 2022. In this blog, we will take you through how to launch a video subscription business.

Steps To Follow To Create A Video Subscription Business

Choose a niche and develop your brand. 

Creating a different type of video content to attract all audience groups will not be a wise move. Choose a niche and start creating video content accordingly to attract a particular group of audience to your platform will result in successfully running a video subscription business. Creating video content for a specific audience group results in a better user experience, and the video will reach the correct targeted audience. 

After choosing a niche, you have to start branding your video subscription business by creating a brand logo and giving a business a brand name so that it makes things easier for people to find you. People are likely to remember you with your brand name and logo.

After all this, you need to have an idea about who will be your target audience? what is your unique selling point? What problem of users will you solve? How will you convince the potential users to subscribe to the platform?

After knowing the answers to all the above questions, you have to strategize a video subscription business to run it successfully.

Build video streaming website and app

To build a video streaming website or app, you can hire a group of developers and designers with good experience and knowledge. This consumes more money and energy, and at the same time, you need additional resources.

Another best option is to approach a video streaming platform builder where you can get started video subscription site in the meantime. Video streaming platform provider builds you a well-built streaming website where it can be customized to each business’s needs. Additionally, you can also build OTT apps as well as it enables users to stream video content on various devices like mobile, tablets, desktops, and smart TVs. Many people nowadays watch video content on mobile, desktops, and smart TVs, so it’s always better to launch a video subscription app to attract more user apps to the platform.

Start to create a video content library.

You have to create a video content library that should have at least 100 videos in the library. This makes users subscribe to the platform as they feel they have enough content to watch on this platform. You need to have a clear idea of what type of video content you will create and tell customers what you can expect from our video subscription platform. You need to continuously update new video content into the website and app throughout the year to keep users engaged with the platform.

Set a pricing plan for video subscription business

Here comes the most typical part you have to set up the pricing plan in such a way to attract more users to the website and also generate sufficient revenue in successfully running a video subscription business.

If you set a higher pricing plan to generate more revenue, you should justify the quality of video content you offer to users. Otherwise, you will end up losing users, and even you may not even acquire potential users to the plan. If you set a lower pricing plan to attract more users to the website and app, many users will feel less valued and show lesser interest in the brand due to lower pricing.

Compare and analyze your competitor pricing plan. Please try to take a look at your competitor in the same niche about the service and quality of content they offer to users. Users are ready to pay a higher amount if they are satisfied with the quality of video content and user interface of the video subscription website and app.

Try to offer both monthly and annual subscription plans so that initially, users can opt for a monthly plan. Later on, they can switch to an annual subscription depending on the quality of the video subscription service. Offering discounts are likely to attract more users to the platform. The annual subscription plan should be lower when compared to a monthly plan for twelve months, so try to price the subscription plan accordingly.

The video subscription platform is ready to launch.

Once everything is built and set, the video subscription business is ready to go live into the market. You can start running various marketing campaigns to spread awareness about the video subscription website and app. You can share posts and videos on various social media platforms. Start writing blogs related to the advantage of subscription services and real-life application uses and examples so that they can relate your business with their real life. Start releasing a press release about the features of the video subscription platform so that users can know about your business very well. Try to market your video subscription business’s unique selling point to attract more users to the platform.


To build a video subscription website and app, it is always wise to approach a video streaming platform builder that builds a video subscription platform where the website and app can be customized according to each business’s needs. The success of your video streaming business depends on the quality of video content you offer, streaming video quality, user interface, and performance of the video streaming website and app. Finally, these are the steps to follow to launch a video subscription business. The subscription-based model has always proved to be profitable for current players in the video streaming industry.


Cheryl Henson is a passionate blogger and digital marketing professional who loves writing, reading, and sharing blogs on various topics.

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