How to Convert BMP to JPG Format?

Convert BMP to JPG

Do you have multiple BMP image that you want to convert to JPG or JPEG? There are many ways to convert between different image formats, but this post will show you the simplest and easiest way to convert BMP to JPG format.

BMP and bitmap images are rarely displayed because they are not optimized for color images with transitions and gradients. BMP is a very old format and the default file format for Windows XP Paint. Technically lossless, but with little or no compression.

Lossless means the image can be scaled down without sacrificing quality. However, since BMP is not compressed, the file size will be large. A simple multicolored image is hundreds of KB in BMP format, but only 2-3 KB in JPEG. As a result, BMP is no longer used on the Internet.

On the other hand, JPEG is an immutable and highly compressed format. i.e. the file size is very small, but the quality deteriorates every time you save. JPG is great for detailed color photography, but not for simple logos or line art. 

Finally, BMP and JPEG support up to 16 million colors, so images converted from BMP to JPEG look almost identical. Anyway, now that we know a bit about these two image formats, let’s talk about BMP to JPEG conversion.

Professional Solution to Convert BMP to JPG Format

SysTools Image Converter Software can convert high quality BMP to JPG and maintain the characteristics in a single effort, When you upload a file as images, make sure that its screen resolution and layout are the same as the source file, and that the image quality is the same. It does not change the image to achieve 100% visibility. When you use the converter, you can rest assured that your bitmap image file will retain its original appearance. This tool safely maintains image quality, without damaging or altering its integrity. Plus, this excellent utility is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system.

Important Note:  The Image file converter provides a free demo version of the app that allows users to convert the first 5 images to JPG format. Users can rate the free trial to see the full functionality of the software. When users are satisfied with the efficiency of their application, they can purchase the appropriate software license. The licensed version allows users to perform unlimited conversions without error.

How to Convert BMP to JPG Format – Software Steps 

  • First of all, Download and Run Software on your Windows Machine

Download Image Converter Software

  • Select a file or select a folder to add JPG files

Add File or Folder

  • Next, Choose the JPG from the drop-down export options

select JPG Format

  • Hit the Convert button to start the JPG to PNG conversion.

convert BMP to JPG

Key Feature of this Software

  • Converts multiple image to JPG format without any limitation.
  • Save BMP as JPG or JPEG in just a few clicks
  • This software provides an additional BMP image preview
  • Get fast and accurate results with the most powerful software
  • Save BMP as JPG image format without installing other applications
  • These buttons are used to perform software functions such as delete, delete all, up, down
  • With its help, this utility maintains your privacy data and provides 100% security guarantee
    It is compatible with all versions of Windows operating system.

Over to You

With the above automatic solution, you will understand the whole process of instant image conversion technology. It is an all-in-one product that can batch convert BMP to JPG images without compromising image quality. I hope you enjoyed this article! If you’d like to try the tool for free, there’s a free downloadable app on Windows that will help you gauge your competition.


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