How Can Gojek Clone App Be Profitable Your Business in Thailand?

The Gojek Clone app has become synonymous with one of the world’s most successful multi service business enterprises. With the kind of success the app has garnered.  There is little doubt about the popularity it has amassed amongst the visionary entrepreneurs of the modern day in Thailand.

The world threw us a curve ball in the form of the Corona Virus CoVid 19 pandemic. What use to be normal for us change on its head.  And we were force to come up with ingenious ways to grow even during these hard times.

The crux of humanity lies in its constant ability to adapt and innovate. While people were force to see things differently, approach every aspect of their lives a lot more carefully, life and economy still had to go on. This is where the Gojek clone app stepped up. With the help of this multi service on demand application.  People could now access the potential of trained and skilled experts without ever having to worry about leaving their homes.

So, if you are a savvy entrepreneur.  Trying to find your way through the labyrinth that is the modern day business scenario.  The Gojek clone app is truly the best solution for you. In today’s blog post. On popular demand from many of our dear clients and entrepreneurial friends.  We will discuss the nuances associated with the Gojek clone app. Its King version and the ways in which you can obtain your own on demand multi service app that is just like the Gojek app but  better to stay above board and profitable even during the pandemic.

Let’s get started.


The Gojek clone app is also refer to as a universal multi service app. This means that this singular application can be used to procure, hire or rent a range of different services using a single download and a single log in.

The app is created to allow users to tap into a bank of service providers from different arenas, each with their own unique specialty so that you can get the best of services from the convenience of your own home without having to worry about the pricing.


The Gojek clone app primarily includes 70 different types of services broken down in different categories for the ease of access for its users as well as service providers. The app can be used for:

Transportation service:

This includes uber like taxi booking services along with car rental as well as car pooling type of services.

Delivery services:

This is one of the largest sub section of the app. It comprises of sections that allow you to purchase products and get them delivered, for example ordering from restaurants, purchasing groceries or pharmaceutical items, buying flowers and so on and so forth. Apart from this, the user can also select the parcel delivery option to send and receive parcels to a single or multiple locations. Then there is the additional feature of a delivery runner, known as the delivery genie that allows users to hire an independent delivery expert to pick and drop items for you just as your personal butler would.

Service Providers

This section allows users to hire service providers such as doctors, plumbers, electricians, beauticians and so on and so forth.

Online Consultation

Sometimes, visiting the service provider isn’t an option and one needs to rely on instant online consultation. This section of the app can be use by app subscribers to sign up for an instant consultations from experts such as doctors, lawyers, accountants and so on and so forth.

Service Bidding:

This section allows users to post their service requirements on the app, so that various service providers can bid on it. Whoever’s bid seems appropriate to the user, they can hire that particular service provider.


The Gojek Clone App is built by reputed on demand mobile app development companies that can offer you a licensed white label version of the same. You can simply purchase the app, get it white labelled with your log and brand name and launch it on the app stores under your own server so that users can instantly start downloading and using your services.

This app is a revolutionary solution especially during the pandemic, as it is easy to use, convenient for both users and service providers and can prove to be a solid and constant source of revenue for you. If you wish to understand the app better, it is advisable to check out the various tutorials and app explanations offered on YouTube or even take a free demo for it before you purchase it. So, go for it and enjoy a never before experience of business growth in Thailand.


Cheryl Henson is a passionate blogger and digital marketing professional who loves writing, reading, and sharing blogs on various topics.

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