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Go Green with Eco-Friendly Kitchen Tiles

The term eco-friendly conjured up pictures of bland materials back in the day. Fortunately, it is no longer the case. Eco-friendly materials are increasingly becoming a tendency amongst designers to fit their environmentally savvy customers. Nevertheless, Dixie Tile Shop has made it easy by providing homeowners with a wide range of nature-friendly options. Keep reading to learn a few tips for eco-friendly kitchen tiles.

Create A Green Kitchen with Eco-Friendly Tiles

Your research to the “best tile shops near me” will get you in front of a wide range of kitchen tile options making it difficult to decide which one could fit your kitchen the best. One of the most important things to consider while choosing tiles for your kitchen is functionality and style. Every step you take must be mindful of the environment.

Having an eco-friendly home was never a complete task among yesteryears. Besides, the outcome would not have been aesthetically as stunning as you would like. Thanks to the advances in green technology, this issue is no more problem. Today, various designers have started suggesting eco-friendly materials, and the design industry already has various stunning environmentally friendly tile options to choose from.

Keep reading to learn some tips and tricks to make your kitchen eco-friendly.

Opt for any of these tile options:

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic TilesWhen it comes to ceramic tiles, they tend to be highly wear-resistant material and can be installed on various surfaces. The benefits of having a green kitchen with environmentally friendly tiles design are beyond making you feel great for choosing the material. Longevity is the greatest benefit most eco-friendly tile designs can give.

Ceramic is entirely environmentally friendly and low-impact kitchen tile material from mining to installation. Ceramic tiles are not only available in ample amounts but are also easy to mine and economical to manufacture. Besides, it lowers fuel consumption and ensures that no valuable resources are burnt out amid the manufacturing process.

Often, ceramic tiles are composed of recycled content. However, the material reduces the environmental impact. Ceramic tiles are one of the most eco-friendly tile materials available in the market. Besides, they are quite easy to maintain. You can clean them with soap and water; no caustic and toxic chemical cleaning products are required to maintain the look of your kitchen ceramic tiles.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are a combination of all-natural resources, pigments, and hues. The natural resources used in a concrete tile make it extremely eco-friendly. These tiles are the best suited for kitchen and bathroom flooring. The natural materials used to manufacture concrete tiles make them the most robust, durable, and easy to maintain tile options compared to other tiles.

In addition, concrete tiles are environmentally friendly and hydraulic press tiles. They are not baked like other regular tiles. However, they tend to be more energy-efficient.

Moroccan Tiles

This tile option is one of the best eco-friendly tiles for bathroom flooring, bathroom walls, kitchen flooring, and kitchen backsplash tiles. Moroccan tiles are among the most popular tile designs of recent years. They are the hand-made tiles created from clay, followed by the complex designs painted on them. This tile option is a perfect mix of color, character, and style, which will bring a sense of relaxed feel to any space in your house.

Moroccan Tiles

These tiles will add life to all rooms, not only in the kitchen. Have them on the ceiling, around the fireplace, the shower wall, or the stairway. They will only bring life to any space in your house.

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Hand-Made Cement Tiles

Also named encaustic cement tiles, these tiles are made from cement, natural pigments, and marble dust. These hand-made cement tiles are not heated in a kiln; rather, they are only smoked; however, they save energy. With each uniquely exclusive piece, they add to the antiquated charm.

Glass Mosaic Tiles

Kitchen mosaic tiles, glass mosaic particularly, are smooth and soft. Once installed, this type of tile offers the feel of a velvety appearance. Many glass mosaic tiles Mississauga companies are committed to protecting the environment. However, they use candid manufacturing processes and follow formal strategies for creating eco-friendly products.

Once you decide on the right eco-friendly tiles type for your kitchen, it is equally important to look for an experienced tile installer near you. Not every tile installation process can be considered fit for a DIY project. The tile installation method is difficult to follow the applications, patterns, and tight timeline. However, it is best to go pro. Mistakes are easy to make but difficult to hide. Besides, fixing the errors may require removing all tiles and starting from scratch. A professional tile installer is always a good idea to have by your side, particularly for more challenging tile installation processes.


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